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I began my career in photography while pursuing a degree in communications at a college in S.L.C., Utah. During my studies I was a writer and photographer for the school paper. Nearing graduation I did my internship with KTVX, an ABC News affiliate, where I assisted video crews and edited nightly broadcasts. After graduation I decided to follow my interest in photography and pursue a degree in photojournalism.

I moved to Santa Barbara to attend photography school, during which time I worked for the Red Lion and Biltmore Hotels in their Audio Visual Departments. I also took part in a photojournalism class that consisted of three months in India. During my time there I documented the conflict between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir region as well as working on a story concerning the spread of HIV through the nation of India. Upon graduation I interned in Boulder, Colorado with a local newspaper.

Beyond the local stories, I was able to capture many sporting events during the Olympic trials which took place largely on the campus of the University of Colorado Boulder.

After completing my internship I decided to move to San Francisco, where I worked briefly with the Oakland Tribune before stringing for the Associated Press. Eventually the need for a steady income became apparent and I moved onto a career as a Commercial Photographer in the Bay Area.


Gap, Athlete, Old Navy, Banana Republic, SandBox, Macy's, North Face, Safeway, Motorola, Circular, Williams-Sonoma, Sun Microsystems, KitchenAid, Johnston Murphy, Farberware, Xootr, San Francisco Music Box, TravelSmith, American Pacific, Home Express